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    The target consumer: Adult consumers of any age who either knew the product or are now introduced to it.

    The design: Faithful to our approach of an "honest" design we moved away from the existing packaging approach and started by designing a new logo that references the name of the brand with deliberate economy of means and simple outline. We were inspired for our packaging concept by a phrase used for the most popular type of flour which is taged as "suitable for all uses", and our client's control process known as "experimental bakery": we actually baked a series of dough shapes using the flour "Mills of Saint George" outsourcing the creative input of sculptor Martha Foka. We photographed and let their appetizing images (dough shaped as a moulding tool, as kneaded sweets, pizza slices, angel cookies) become the basic argument of our design as they are layed on monochromatic backgrounds of soft and soothing hues. In the very choice of shapes and images flour is an ingredient that is a basic tool for easily malleable and tasty foods, a precious nourishment, the stuff of dreams, a critical component of the joy that friends share and the memories families share.

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    Dinkel flour

    Dinkel flour

    Dinkel flour

    Dinkel flour

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